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2023 Webinar Series

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How to Improve Your Writing Productivity

Writing Productivity WebinarPresenters: Bec Evans and Chris Smith, founders of Prolifiko and co-authors of Written: How to Keep Writing and Build a Habit that Lasts 

You’ve got the ideas. You’ve found the right collaborators. You have the best tools at hand. So why aren’t you writing? Or at least – writing as much as you think you should? Writing involves two elements: technique and practice. To write, you need to understand how to structure a paper, compile a dataset and organise your references. Whatever your field, there will be certain technical and structural things that you need to know. All crucial knowledge. But sometimes you still sit in front of your computer and struggle to complete the task at hand. You need more than to know how. Knowing how is important, but that alone won’t get the writing done. You’ll also need to find a practice that means you turn up and keep going. 

Using practices developed from neuroscience and behavioural science research, this webinar covers:

  • What stops you writing: procrastination, perfectionism, distraction and building a plan to overcome them
  • What keeps you going: finding time, creating a habit, building support and finding accountability


Creating Deliverables to Manage Multiple Projects Effectively

Creating DeliverablesPresenter: Dr. Tracey S. Hodges, Owner and Chief Creative Officer, The Empowering Advocate LLC

UPS, Fedex, the post office, and even Amazon are exceptional at deliverables. Have you ever imagined you could be just as effective with your goals and projects? Are you tackling several projects and finding yourself getting lost among the tasks? Learn how to create clear deliverables for your project as well as systems to help you make progress on multiple projects at the same time. Like the delivery systems we know so well, thorny issues are bound to come up, and we will tackle some options for managing overwhelm, too. Gain a sense of purpose and attainable goals! Watch

Taxes & Authors: What You Should Know in 2023

Taxes & Authors What You Should Know in 2023Presenter: Robert M. Pesce, Partner, Marcum LLP

While it is understandable that most writers would prefer to concentrate their time on their writing, writing is a business and you need to make sure you’re taking care of all of the tax deductions that you should be. Robert M. Pesce, a partner with Marcum LLP,  shares the basic tax information you should know as an author, including: 

  • What type of entity should you be?
  • Are you keeping good records on your business deductions?
  • Income from Royalties and other sources
  • Qualified Business Income Deduction
  • Tax deductions
  • Home Office Deduction
  • Self Employment Tax (“SE Tax”)
  • Pension Plans, SEPs, IRAs
  • Foreign Tax Credit 


Getting Your Journal Article Published: Simple Steps to Success

Presenter: John Bond, Publishing Consultant, Riverwinds Consulting, author of The Little Guide to Getting Your Journal Article Published: Simple Steps to Success

John Bond webinar

Getting your research and academic work published in a peer review journal is essential to your career. The process seems difficult and mysterious, but it doesn't need to be that way.

Publishing Consultant John Bond presents practical steps for any aspiring writer and researcher to follow to go from idea and raw data to submitting a top quality manuscript for possible publication. Topics include: "Developing a plan and Timeline," "Determining a Target List of Potential Journals," "Writing and Editing Your Work," and "Understanding Journal Review the Decision Process." You'll also learn the 13 most Frequently Asked Questions. Watch

The Future of Textbooks: Bringing Books to Life With AR From an Authoring Perspective

Presenters: Eirik Wahlstrøm, Co-founder and CMO, Ludenso; Rob Heathcote, PG Online Publishers; and Biology Teacher Sarah Dudley

Future of Textbooks

Augmented reality (AR) in education provides a number of ways to help students learn by making abstract concepts easier to understand and remember. Today, an increasing number of publishing houses are starting to bring their books to life with AR - but how do you as an author utilize the full potential of this immersive learning experience in a simple, pedagogically valuable, and affordable way?

Eirik Wahlstrøm from Ludenso, Rob Heathcote from PG Online Publishers, and Biology Teacher Sarah Dudley discuss the potential role of AR in the authoring process of science, anatomy, history, and language learning titles. Learn best practices for creating AR books, practical advice, and tools, as well as share feedback from students using AR to learn. Watch

 2022 Webinars - Watch On Demand

Kendall Hunt Publishing Company

Picture This: Using Visual Display Techniques to Engage Readers

Presenter: Dr. Kim Mogilevsky, founding member and CEO, Analytic Orange

Picture This webinar

The old English idiom 'A picture is worth a thousand words' is something that many people can agree with. However, data-journalist and information designer David McCandless argued that while a picture has the potential to tell a story, a good "picture" has four elements: information, function, visual form, and a story. If one or more of those elements are missing, the visualization is not as helpful or interesting. In this one hour webinar by Kim Mogilevsky, founding member and CEO of Analytic Orange, academic authors can gain insight into how visual-display techniques impact a reader's perception and cognition of information and explore several ways to create and display data in exciting, interesting, and engaging formats. Watch

Textbook Authoring Inspirations, Insights, and Innovations

Presenter: Jamie Pope, Co-author of Nutrition for a Changing World (2e), the recipient of a 2020 TAA Textbook Excellence Award

Textbook Authoring InsightsIn this one-hour webinar, award-winning nutrition textbook author Jamie Pope shares her journey to published textbook author and beyond and insights into the textbook writing process, including:

  • How writing a textbook differs from writing trade book
  • Why you might want to consider writing a textbook
  • What background and experience you need to get the attention of a publisher
  • How to decide whether to write an introductory or upper-level textbook 
  • How to negotiate an author-friendly contract
  • How to decide between writing as a solo author or bringing in a coauthor
  • How to be innovative so that you stand out in the market
  • Why it’s important to get involved in promotion and marketing


Confronting the Anxiety of Academic Writing

Presenter: Rachael Cayley, Associate Professor (teaching stream), Graduate Centre for Academic Communication, School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto

Confronting the Anxiety of Academic Writing

Becoming an effective academic writer is one of the key challenges facing doctoral students and early career researchers. Despite the centrality of writing, few writers feel comfortable with the process or confident about their product. After examining some of the reasons for this anxiety, we’ll ask if we can lessen the psychic toll by acknowledging the profound intellectual challenges and tackling the persistent practical obstacles. Watch




Boldly Go: 5 Ways to Be a More Confident Academic

Presenter: Mary Beth Averill, academic writing coach, editor, and author of The Confident Academic: Overcoming the small fish, big pond experience… and other difficult matters

Boldly Go Webinar Many academics lack confidence in some aspect of their professional lives. Some are open about this; for others, it’s a well-kept secret. In this one-hour webinar by Academic Writing Coach, Editor and Author Mary Beth Averill, she briefly surveys some of the reasons academics lack confidence and shares 5 ways you can increase your confidence as an academic. Watch

The Essential Actions of Academic Writing

Presenters: Nigel A. Caplan, PhD, Associate Professor and Manager, Graduate Programs and Online Learning, University of Delaware English Language Institute; and Ann M. Johns, PhD, Professor Emerita, Linguistics and Writing Studies, San Diego State University 

Essential Actions of Academic WritingNigel Caplan and Ann Johns, authors of Essential Actions for Academic Writing (University of Michigan Press), introduce a genre-based approach to writing and writing instruction. By understanding the components of genre, writers can tackle new and challenging tasks, an approach which also works well for teaching undergraduate and graduate students. The presenters demonstrated how to analyze the genre of the research article and identify the "actions" that writers take in each section (introduction, methods, results, and discussion). In order to effectively pursue these actions, writers need to understand both the rhetorical moves that are expected, conventional, or available and the language typical of each stage. Get resources and tips for successful academic writing in any genre and any discipline. Watch

Beyond Productivity: How to Build a Joyful Writing Practice

Presenter: Michelle Boyd, PhD, Writer, Scholar, Founder, InkWell Academic Writing Retreats

Beyond Productivity

Are you tired of feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or unconfident as a writer? Do you long to recover your love of inquiry and cultivate a joyful relationship with your writing? 
In this one hour webinar, Michelle Boyd of InkWell Academic Writing Retreats explains why writing is so emotionally taxing and how scholars can use social writing to overcome their writing fears. By the end of the session, you will better understand your own barriers and have a step-by-step plan for implementing your personalized social writing strategy. Watch

Social Media & Book Marketing Done Right & Done Wrong

Presenter: John Bond, Publishing Consultant, Riverwinds Consulting

Publishers want authors to participate in the marketing and promotion of their new book. But many times authors are novices in publicizing their work. Publishing Consultant John Bond examines author marketing and social media efforts done right and done wrong. He also looks at best practices for promoting your book, as well as explaining why some efforts are time consuming and produce little results. Real life examples will illustrate how authors can smartly and efficiently work with the publisher to market their work; social media included. Watch

The Future of Textbooks

Presenters: Eirik Wahlstrøm, CEO and co-founder; Ingrid Skrede, CMO, Ludenso

Future of Textbooks U.S. textbook publishers have been focusing on eTextbooks and all-inclusive access models in recent years, but how will that affect the future of print textbooks? Studies by Fredskild and Fredriksen (2020), show that students still preferred print textbooks over eTextbooks by 74%. Will this change in the rapidly evolving technological landscape, and how can print books still play a role in education in the future? Award-winning Norwegian EdTech Company Ludenso has partnered with one of Norway’s largest publishers, Aschehoug, to make their traditional textbooks come to life through Augmented Reality (AR), coupling it with relevant digital resources.

Eirik Wahlstrøm and Ingrid Skrede from Ludenso share what AR is and how it can be used in the existing and future print textbooks to better illustrate complex concepts and spark curiosity. Get a live demo of the technology, insights into the research findings from the initial tests of using AR in classrooms in the Nordics, as well as a step-wise guide into how you as an author easily can bring your books to life. Watch

Get the Best Index For Your Book: Create a Collaborative Relationship With Your Indexer

Presenter: Lisa Fedorak, Owner and Indexer, Fedorak Indexing Services

Get the Best Index for Your Book start slideYou’ve been working long and hard on your book and now you need to get an index for your book. Should you index it yourself, let your publisher take care of it, or hire someone yourself? And if it’s the latter, how do you go about getting a great index for your book when you’ve never gone through this process before and don’t know anything about it? This one-hour webinar presented by indexer Lisa Fedorak guides you through a collaborative relationship between author and indexer and give you information that can help you get the best index for your book. It covers when to start looking for an indexer, how to find and evaluate an indexer, things to discuss with your indexer at the start of the indexing process, what to expect during the process and dealing with revisions to the index. Watch

Connecting with a College Textbook Publisher in Changing Times

Presenter: Sean Wakely, Vice President of Product and Editorial, FlatWorld 

College textbook publishing has changed in many significant ways over the past twenty years. While the industry is still dominated by a small number of large publishers, their product and business models have evolved greatly. Pressure to create a variety of low-priced product options and resulting decreases in growth and profit have caused many publishers to pull back on the acquisition of new products. Consequently, acquisitions editors have often begun to focus on managing existing titles rather than on acquiring new products. If you are flexible, persistent, and creative, you can still find opportunities to write or contribute to a college-level textbook. Sean describes the current college textbook publishing landscape and provides you with actionable ideas about how to approach and form a relationship with the editorial staff who are responsible for bringing new writing talent into a publisher. Watch