Academic & Textbook Writing Grants

TAA offers two forms of grants to assist U.S. authors with some of the expenses related to publishing their academic works and textbooks: Publication Grants and Textbook or Academic Contract Review Grants. Both are open to members and non-members. 

Members in their first year can apply for grants of up to $500, and members in their second year or later of membership can apply for grants of up to $1,000. Non-members can apply for grants of up to $300. Non-members are eligible for one award, and members are eligible for one award every two years. The process is competitive, and only certain types of publications and expenses are eligible. Read our full policy guidelines here.

  • Publication Grants provide reimbursement for eligible expenses directly related to bringing an academic book, textbook, or journal article to publication.
  • Textbook or Academic Contract Review Grants reimburse eligible expenses for legal review when you have a contract offer for a textbook or academic monograph or other scholarly work that includes royalty arrangements.

Grant Application Deadline

April 1 - grants are awarded April 30

October 1 - grants are awarded October 31

Complete Application

For more information, contact TAA Executive Director Kim Pawlak at (507) 459-1363 or [email protected].