AcWriMo Nov. 22

Join Us Throughout the Month of November for #AcWriMo - Academic Writing Month

Every November, the Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA) joins with academic authors around the world to recognize and promote the month-long academic write-a-thon event, Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo). Started in 2011, this event encourages academic authors to focus on daily writing habits that move their projects closer to completion.

TAA is partnering with SAGE Publishing's Methodspace to offer several resources for #AcWriMo throughout November 2022. Visit the TAA Blog Abstract each week in November for an article related to this year's AcWriMo theme, "Intellectual Freedom & Integrity".

Conversation CircleParticipate in the Wednesday, November 30 TAA Conversation Circle discussion on dealing with burnout. Have a tip, strategy, idea or process that works for you? Come share it!

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(This is typically a member benefit, but we are opening the November session up to non-members in celebration of #AcWriMo2022)

Download this TAA eBook, "Can My Textbook Publisher Really Do That?". First-time and novice textbook authors may ask themselves throughout the publishing process - "can my publisher really do that?" And the answer is "yes". And "no". And "it depends". Your answer will be determined by the initial negotiation of contract terms and your willingness to invest time in marketing the work after it's published. This eBook is full of advice on both. Get common author questions and answers from Industry Insider Sean Wakely and Royalty Auditor Juli Saitz.

Watch the on demand recording of the Nov. 9 TAA Webinar, Textbook Authoring Inspirations, Insights, and Innovations, presented by Jamie Pope.

Award-winning nutrition textbook author Jamie Pope shares her journey to published textbook author and beyond and insights into the textbook writing process, including:

  • How writing a textbook differs from writing trade book
  • Why you might want to consider writing a textbook
  • What background and experience you need to get the attention of a publisher
  • How to decide whether to write an introductory or upper-level textbook 
  • How to negotiate an author-friendly contract
  • How to decide between writing as a solo author or bringing in a coauthor
  • How to be innovative so that you stand out in the market
  • Why it’s important to get involved in promotion and marketing 

#AcWriMo Resources From Methodspace 

November is Academic Writing Month 2022 on SAGE Methodspace

Find food for thought and strategies for action this AcWriMo on SAGE Methodspace. They will feature new posts, a webinar, video interviews, open-access resources, and materials from previous years’ AcWriMos. 

Leslie WangCathy MazakMichelle Boyd

SAGE Publishing MethodSpace held a webinar, How Academic Writing Coaches Get Unstuck, presented by TAA member Michelle Boyd, author of Becoming the Writer You Already Are, and fellow academic writing coaches Cathy Mazak and Leslie Wang on November 3.

Ever wonder what a writing coach does when they get stuck in their manuscript? Join Boyd, Mazak and Wang as they describe the biggest challenges they've faced when writing books and what they do to move past them, including the key ways that scholars get tripped up when writing and share examples from their recent experiences with their own books, the strategies they recommend to junior and senior faculty members and what happens when they take their own advice. They'll also be taking questions from audience members looking for guidance through their own stuck moments.

Whether you're writing your first book or are a veteran, understand why we get stuck in our books and get concrete, actionable solutions that will help you get unstuck.