TAA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Planning Document 2021 


TAA’s Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (CDEI) offers recommendations and expertise to the TAA Council and its membership on actions that can positively impact the DEI of the organization in particular and academic authoring in general. 

Long-Term Goal 1 – Recruit a more diverse, equitable and inclusive membership


  1. Educate authors on issues regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion 
  2. Further disseminate our position statement on DEI 
  3. Develop marketing materials and market to a more inclusive and diverse audience 
  4. Continue to make inroads in diversifying TAA leadership including the Council and TAA committees 

Long-Term Goal 2 – Develop and establish educational programming that will strengthen the DEI of our membership.

Programming could be worked into current venues such as webinars, conference sessions, newsletter, etc. or could be original. This would ultimately result in a written guide for authors based on the expertise established through programming. 


  1. Explore the feasibility of establishing DEI awards for members 
  2. Establish a grant/grants within the existing TAA grant structure expressly supporting DEI  authoring 
  3. Incorporate DEI programming topics into current venues (webinars, conference sessions, newsletter et al) or other original venues. Suggested topics include: 
    • How to empower a diverse community to engage in academic authorship  
    • Guidelines for pronoun use 
    • Writing for a diverse readership 
    • Auditing/Editing works for inclusive language use
    • Outline a written guide for authors on DEI topics published by TAA 

Long-Term Goal 3 – Establish guidelines for authors to advocate for DEI in their textbook and academic writing. 


  1. Educate the general membership regarding how DEI issues affect them and their writing 2. Provide guidance for authors in working with publishing professionals 
  2. Demonstrate the value of both academic and textbook publication as scholarship and their impact on DEI

Approved by the Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on 12/17/20