TAA Governance, Policies, and Committees

TAA is overseen by a governing Council, and employs a small staff to conduct its operations. There are also Standing Committees and sometimes Ad Hoc Committees established to oversee certain critical functions and to help us stay abreast of developments in the academic, publishing, and legal communities that may affect our members' interests or the mission of the organization. You can learn more about TAA policies, committee work, and governance by following links from this page.


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TAA conducts many mission and operational activities with the help of volunteers serving on a number of different Committees. Standing Committees are specified in the Bylaws and Ad Hoc committees may be appointed by the President or the full Council. Here is a list of Committees, with some hyperlinked to more information about their work:

Conference (Standing) is formed of appointments made in alternate years by TAA's President or Vice President. The Committee members aid in all aspects of program planning for the Annual TAA Conference, including developing the Call for Session Proposals, and evaluating all session proposals to compose a balanced and high-quality program for attendees. 

Council of Fellows and Awards (Standing) is formed by the Immediate Past President (chair), President, and between 2 and 4 Presidential appointees who must all be members of TAA's honorary society, the Council of Fellows. The Committee is charged with developing and vetting nominees not only for induction to the Council of Fellows, but also for overseeing other individual Council Awards. They maintain and occasionally revise the criteria for each award, and may propose to retire or introduce new awards from time to time that must be approved by Council.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
(Standing) is formed from Presidential appointees. The Committee advises and provides recommendations to Council on matters affecting representation, opportunities, and equitable treatment of all TAA members with respect to their authoring work, their TAA benefits, and other related aspects of their work life. The Committee works to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the organization at all levels as well as provide information and develop resources that aid members in their own professional endeavors.


Executive (Standing) is formed from the 4 officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) plus the Immediate Past President and a Council Representative appointed by Council. The TAA President chairs the Executive Committee. The Committee is charged with guiding the Executive Director in the event that decisions must be made in the interim between Council meetings. 


Finance (Standing) is formed from the Treasurer (chair), President, Executive Director, and other appointees madeby the President to bring expertise onto the Committee. It is charged with overseeing the budget process and investment strategies of TAA.


Governance (Standing) is formed from the Vice President (chair), Immediate Past President, and one other representative appointed by Council. It oversees TAA elections by announcing the call for candidates, vetting nominations and determining the final slate. It oversees election result tabulation and announcements, and also monitors all Committees for effectiveness in coordination with TAA's President and the chairs of the respective Committees.


(Ad Hoc) oversees TAA's Grant program. It is comprised of Presidential appointees. The Committee is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and revising as needed the policies that will govern TAA Grants. The group also reviews all grant applications and makes the final determinations about whether to issue grants.

Personnel (Standing) is formed of 3 or more appointments by the TAA President. It is charged with overseeing TAA's hired staff compensation and benefits policies, and with advising the Executive Director on any personnel matters that arise.

Publishing Practices (Ad Hoc) was formed to help TAA Council and staff stay abreast of important developments in the academic, publishing, and legal communities that may have important ramifications for TAA members and their publishing interests. The Committee also communications news directly to the membership from time to time, through TAA's newsletter, blog, or other means.


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