Sign Up for a One-Hour Editing or Coaching Session

Need help with a writing project? TAA members can sign up to receive a one-hour editing or coaching session from one of our professional editor or coach partners. 

You can accomplish a lot in one hour! Get a partial copyedit or developmental edit of several pages of your textbook, academic journal article or book chapter, or receive one-on-one coaching to help you over a hurdle with your project. Sign up by July 11. 

"In a one hour coaching session, you can develop a full project management work plan for a book, textbook, or article; revise a problematic section or two of an article or chapter; receive feedback on a drafted book proposal or walk through how to write an effective proposal; and more!"
- Christine Tulley, Defend&Publish

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Here's what members had to say about their sessions:

"Mary Beth [Averill] was an absolute delight to work with. Her advice was very supportive and exact. I found the session incredibly helpful, and I think more budding textbook authors can and will benefit from one-to-one coaching." - Jacquelyn Hoermann-Elliott

"In my one-hour editing session with Noelle Sterne, she spent time explaining all her suggested corrections and recommending ways to improve my manuscript. I am very excited about her enthusiasm and encouragement towards getting my paper published. I think this is a terrific program, especially for individuals like myself who are in their early careers and need to write and publish." Andrea McDonald

"I am really glad I signed up for this coaching session! Christine [Tulley] walked through my textbook proposal and gave me good advice about areas to update. She also gave me helpful suggestions about how to structure my time as I write my textbook. I'm so grateful you offer this opportunity!" Danielle MacCartney

"My one-hour editing session was really fruitful. Mary Beth [Averill] sent me a questionnaire prior our meeting, so she could know in advance what my expectations were for the session. She precisely addressed all my inquiries about my manuscript's content and my writing style. She highlighted the strengths she found in my writing, which is highly encouraging for a beginner writer like me." - Fernando Jarrin

"I am amazed at how much I got out of my coaching session with Ann Greenberger to improve my book's focus, structure, and a strategy for prioritizing work on different chapters. Thank you for supporting my moving forward on writing tasks I found challenging!"Bertha Amisi

"As we get older we think we know it all; however, [my session with John Bond] was very enlightening. John gave me many ideas to narrow down the textbook I am working on and a lot of innovative processes to implement with a new publishing house I am starting. He was helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Thank you very much for the opportunity to work with him." - Jose A. Carmona

Program Rules

  • Members must be in good standing to qualify for a session. Those whose memberships have lapsed or trial members are not eligible.
  • You can choose between an editing or coaching session, but not both.
  • TAA reserves the right to match you with editors or coaches based on the information you submit.
  • Only submissions that contain all of the required information will be considered.
  • Members are eligible to sign up for only one coaching or editing session per year. No member will receive a session more than once in a 12-month period.
  • By signing up for a session, your application information, including name and contact information, will be shared with the editor or coach you are matched with. You will schedule your one-hour session with your assigned editor or coach directly.
  • Please be ready to be coached or have a project ready for editing by April 1. Sessions must be scheduled within 10 days of being matched with an editor or coach and sessions must be completed within three weeks of being matched, unless you have permission from your editor or coach to extend that timeframe.
  • Sessions will be awarded as long as funds are available.