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Beyond Time Management: 7 Productivity Skills Every Academic Writer Should Cultivate

Presenter: Katie Linder, Director of Ecampus Research Unit, Oregon State University

Although good time management is often seen as the panacea of successful academic writing, there are many other skills involved. In this interactive workshop, Dr. Katie Linder shares seven productivity skills that academic writers can cultivate to improve their prioritization, goal-setting, focus, organization, efficiency, consistency, and follow-through. Specific examples and practical strategies are emphasized to help participants identify and self-assess each skill in their own writing lives. Participants will walk away with a new awareness of their strengths and potential areas of future professional development. 

Presenter: Katie Linder is a writer with a passion for process and peeking behind the scenes at what it takes to be a successful academic. She currently directs the Ecampus Research Unit at Oregon State University and hosts the You've Got This podcast, The Anatomy of a Book podcast, and the Research in Action podcast. Her latest works include The Blended Course Design Workbook (Stylus, 2016) and Managing Your Academic Identity Online (Stylus, 2018).

TAA can help your faculty move from writing to publication by sponsoring an expert-led workshop in textbook and academic writing at your institution. TAA's sponsorship covers the majority of the cost of bringing the presenter to your institution, including speaker fees and travel costs. In 2020 the host institution is responsible for a fee of $1,950, which includes up to 125 TAA faculty memberships, available to faculty whether or not they attend the workshop. TAA provides an online institutional membership application process which makes joining TAA easy for both the institution and faculty. These workshops are offered on a first-come first-serve basis until program funding has been exhausted.

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