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Textbook & Academic Authors Association Announces 2018 Textbook Award Winners

Twenty-six textbooks have been awarded 2018 Textbook Awards by the Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA). Four textbooks received William Holmes McGuffey Longevity Awards, 17 textbooks received Textbook Excellence Awards, and five textbooks received Most Promising New Textbook Awards.

The McGuffey Longevity Award recognizes textbooks and learning materials whose excellence has been demonstrated over time. The Textbook Excellence Award recognizes excellence in current textbooks and learning materials. The Most Promising New Textbook Award recognizes excellence in 1st edition textbooks and learning materials.

The awards will be presented during an awards luncheon at TAA’s 31st Annual Textbook & Academic Authoring Conference in Santa Fe, NM, Friday, June 15, 2018 at 4:30 p.m. at the La Fonda Hotel.

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Nominations for the 2019 Textbook Awards are open September 1 to November 1, 2018. Learn more.

Here's what judges had to say:

A Gift of Fire: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing Technology, 5th ed.
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A Gift of Fire is a tremendously comprehensive text that covers the main ethical and social issues that loom large with the ubiquity of technology in our world today. Each chapter is loaded with well-referenced, up-to-date information. The ample exercises at the end of each chapter encourage the highest level of critical thinking from the reader.”

Becoming an Academic Writer: 50 Exercises for Paced, Productive, and Powerful Writing, 2nd ed.
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“For its excellent breadth, depth, and clarity in de-mystifying the process of writing successful journal articles, Becoming an Academic Writer deserves to win the McGuffey Longevity Award.

Biology: Concepts and Investigations, 4th ed.
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Biology: Concepts and Investigations delivers on the promise made by so many publishers, but rarely delivered. A textbook for the non-Biology major that neatly strikes the balance between too much and too little information--all of which is delivered in a masterful way that will stick with students long after they finish the class.

Building Cross-Platform Mobile and Web Apps for Engineers and Scientists: An Active Learning Approach, 1st ed.
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“Unlike other textbooks that focus on only part of the solution or one specific device family, Building Cross-Platform Mobile and Web Apps uses engaging use cases to help students learn-by-example how to transform ideas into fully-functional 'apps for that' for any platform.

Calculus for the AP Course, 2nd ed.
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Calculus for the AP Course does a phenomenal job of not only preparing students for the AP exam, but also showing each student the connections between the calculus classroom, the workplace, and the world.

Co-Teaching for English Learners, 1st ed.
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Co-Teaching for English Learners should win an award for the Co-Teaching=co-planning, co-assessment, and reflection. This co-teaching model would benefit teachers in all disciplines and might serve to help retain more teachers because they would not be isolated in their classrooms or within silos within content areas.

Creep in Ceramics, 1st ed.
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“The author of Creep in Ceramics has done an excellent job of blending the mathematical perspective of creep with its practical applications within numerous important ceramic materials.

Data Abstraction & Problem Solving with C++: Walls and Mirrors, 7th ed.
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Data Abstraction & Problem Solving with C++: Walls and Mirrors is outstanding in its breadth and depth of coverage of data structures, algorithms, and object-oriented C++ programming. The book's pedagogical approach gives the reader a gentle learning curve that ends in high understanding of the most important aspects of computer science. The exercises at the end of each chapter are truly outstanding. 

Discover Sociology, 3rd ed.
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Discover Sociology is thought-provoking, using visual remediation of current events, which will promote critical thinking in students. It is brilliant, refreshing and captivating for millennials to relate to sociological theories.

Entrepreneurship: The Practice and Mindset, 1st ed.
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Entrepreneurship: Practice and Mindset establishes a powerful approach to entrepreneurship with its twin focus on practice and mindset. This textbook effectively conveys the range of skills and knowledge that new entrepreneurs need to grasp, deftly illustrated with cases and other supporting materials.

Excellence in Business Communication, 12th ed.
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Excellence in Business Communication has it all--from concrete examples to real life problems, from easy concept checklists to engaging exercises. This is a book that students will actually read!

Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Law: A Preventive Approach, 8th ed.
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“The breadth of coverage, all the while informative and interestingly presented, is Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Law's key strength. Perhaps the highest compliment I can give it is that it is so well written that a non-lawyer could readily teach from this textbook without having to apologize daily for not having been legally trained. It's that good.

Human Biochemistry, 1st ed.
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Human Biochemistry covers every area of biochemistry at the level necessary for the medical or graduate student. Because of its comprehensive nature, it also serves as an excellent desk reference for the physician, researcher, or teacher.

Materials Selection in Mechanical Design, 5th ed.
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Materials Selection in Mechanical Design provides up-to-date content that challenges the user to consider material selection and design in the broader context of a world that faces challenges related to growth, development and waste minimization. The pedagogy incorporates the ever more important relationship between energy, design, and the environment, using case studies and examples that relate to real world issues.

Mississippi Studies Weekly, 1st ed.
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Mississippi Studies Weekly is an innovative, age-appropriate publication that brings history and social science to life for its audience in a way traditional textbooks may not be able to do. It is a very well-designed, visually appealing and interesting weekly learning tool for 4th graders in the Magnolia State.

Optimization Methods in Structural Design, 1st ed.
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Optimization Methods in Structural Design is extremely well suited for its intended audience. Fitting the textbook to include senior engineering undergraduate, graduate students, and those already in the field is very delicate task. The author and publisher are to be commended.

Organic Synthesis, 4th ed.
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Organic Synthesis is a well written, comprehensive and updated edition of organic syntheses reactions written for the graduate student. Every aspiring Ph.D. student in organic chemistry should have a copy of this textbook on their shelf.

Practically Speaking, 2nd ed.
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Practically Speaking has enough content to prepare a student to engage in public speaking without overwhelming them. The textbook is clear and accessible, and the chapter on skepticism should be a must-read for everyone in this time where the factual basis for arguments is quickly disappearing from our public discourse.

Principles of Geotechnical Engineering, 9th ed.
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Principle of Geotechnical Engineering provides instructors and students with an excellent technical resource for related courses. The derivation of mathematical principles, examples, and problem sets provide an excellent starting point for course design.

Psychology and Work, 1st ed.
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Psychology and Work is a fresh and engaging overview of I/O psychology that is scientifically rigorous, thoroughly applied, and pedagogically brilliant.

Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design: Choosing Among Five Approaches, 4th ed.
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Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design dependably reveals the research design path and provides navigational aids. No doubt it will continue to encourage more generations of researchers to embrace excellent qualitative research because of these attributes.

Quantitative Human Physiology: An Introduction, 2nd ed.
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Quantitative Human Physiology is a great introduction to a human physiology textbook. It provides fantastic visuals and step-by-step procedures of the functioning of the human body perfect for any learner!

Roach's Introductory Clinical Pharmacology, 11th ed.
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Roach's Introductory Clinical Pharmacology provides a concise discussion of pharmacology for nurses that is easily readable and provides all of the tools necessary for a nurse to understand the clinical use of drugs.

Summit: English for Today's World (Levels 1 and 2), 3rd ed.
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Summit: English for Today's World showcases the most effective merging of instructional design and page layout that I have seen in any textbook. For intermediate and advanced learners of English, the books offer a joyful and pedagogically sound experience that will improve their fluency as speakers and readers.

Systemic Decision Making: Fundamentals for Addressing Problems and Messes, 2nd ed.
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Systemic Decision Making is ideal for educators, students, and practitioners interested or involved in addressing complex problems in business management, industrial engineering, operations management, technology management, and other disciplines.

Technology and Innovation in Adult Learning, 1st ed.
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Technology and Innovation in Adult Learning makes this subject accessible to adult learners in addition to being a resource for a variety of adult educators. The scenarios at the beginning of each chapter and the exercises readers complete at the end of each chapter provide relevant examples and encourage critical thinking opportunities for adult learners.

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